Advantages of using Globalcademy alongside Udemy

For many Udemy and ex Skillfeed instructors, is a great way to diversify their revenue stream and to ensure a more consistent revenue spread. Ask any online retailer and they will always advocate a multi-channel sales approach over a solo channel. However there are some unique features which makes Globalcademy a formidable channel for instructors with a long term vision. Today I am going to discuss just a few of them:

Intellectual property protection:

Once intellectual property has been handed over to Udemy, it is contractually impossible to remove it. Udemy claims that lifelong access is imperative to their users, which overrides the need for the instructor to have full control over their IP. At Globalcademy, instructors have full control over their video: Videos are stored in the instructors’ own account on VZAAR or Vimeo, and added to the course through an embed code. This means that the instructor is calling the shots, not the learning platform.

A premium learning platform for high quality courses: 

We belief in quality, not quantity. Our platform is for premium courses where the instructor is fully in charge of the pricing of their course. 

Category protection:

One issue Udemy instructors face, is that there courses are being copied by other instructors and then re-released on the same platform. This cannibalization leads to lower and lower instructor commissions. Globalcademy takes a firm stance against pirate instructors and will not publish their content.Globalcademy does not offer duplicate courses. We limit our offers to one instructor per topic. 

Our affiliate base is diverse and we have thousands of marketers ready to promote your course. 





March 4, 2016

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