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With you can impact the lives people and companies around the world. Our premium learning platform will enable you to build a strong professional brand and to demonstrate your expertise to people in your industry. You will enable people to build new careers, improve their business and earn a better living.

We have no upper price limits for premium courses, focus on quality rather than quantity and you have complete control over your intellectual property. We only allow one instructor per topic, so our instructors do not have to compete against hundreds of other teachers and our learners can focus on one clear choice per category. We have THOUSANDS of affiliates ready to promote your course!

Are you a subject expert, professional or leader in your field? 

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Upload a short Youtube video of your teaching skills – or send us the link to see one of your existing courses. Our quality review team will then consider your application and work with you to get you on board. Teaching online with Globalcademy can be a full-time or part-time career.

Join us here and let us know that you want to be upgraded to become an instructor. We will then schedule an interview.

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