A Marketing Agency’s Guide to Successful Press Releases

Everything you need to know about press releases and how to use them to successfully grow your business


Now you can learn from a leading marketing consultant how to engage with influencers and experience excellent returns from your press releases. Advocate and influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends in modern marketing – now you can embrace it!

Want to grow your company’s sphere of influence?

Want to know which tools can best achieve partial automation and which gimmicks are not worth your time?

Want to know how to ensure your press releases get published?

Looking to perfect your press releases?

Uncertain of what benefits press releases bring to your company?

What are the do’s and don’ts surrounding a press releases?

If these are some of the questions you have about press releases, then this course is for you. We will provide adequate answers to all of these questions while giving you the inside scoop into press releases from a marketing agency’s perspective.

What better way to learn than from a successful marketing agency itself?

Due to popular demand, we have created a course that is backed by our marketing experience and our credibility as a successful marketing agency. You can rest assured that you are getting the best teachings surrounding press releases your money can buy.

Throughout the modern era press releases have been used by companies and businesses to promote their news and latest products. Although press releases have evolved along with the internet and technology, the impact and benefits of press releases continue. Some of the big companies we know today have incorporated press releases into their PR and marketing strategies. These companies include Coca Cola, Hersheys, and Nasdeq to name a few, as well as high profile celebrities like Madonna, Adele, One Direction. The list can go on. You need only look at PRweb or PRNewswire to see the constant stream of press releases being submitted daily if not hourly.

What is the key to successful press releases?

There are several keys to having a successful press release:

  • Timing
  • Understanding your reader’s needs
  • Knowing how to engage key influencers

In this course, we will teach you how to time your press release well to increase your chances of being published and distributed throughout online sites, blogs, and local publisher houses and journalists. We will teach you how to research efficiently to understand what intrigues and interests your readers, consumer demands and needs.

For the cherry on top, we will help manage journalist relationships. We will help you to collaborate with journalists and become their best ally and source for the latest scoop. You will increase your credibility and establish yourself as an expert in your field. All of this can will be accomplished through a well-thought out press release.

Throughout this course, you will gain a vast understanding of press releases from what a press release is, its purpose, to the nitty gritty elements of writing a successful press release. By the end of this course you should find yourself understanding and implementing the art to successful press releases.

Get ready for in-depth influencer marketing: The Internet is home to various websites that host courses on all areas of life and business. On each of these websites you are sure to find at least one course that deals with press releases. So why choose this course? Because in this course we venture way beyond a mere sales pitch or basic press release writing. We go into the depths of a press release, covering the ins and outs from as many angles as we can find. Sure you can lean to write a press release from our course and other courses but will you learn the marketing aspect, the timing of a press release, or how a press release benefits your company? This course covers all of these areas and more.

Moving beyond the basics of PR and copywriting, we will zoom in on relationship management: building rapport with journalists, editors, and publishers. Perhaps this is our most defining feature. In this course, we will take you through a process of teaching you how to become a journalist and editor’s ally and point of call. When you have finished this course, you should be more than ready to become a reliable source of newsworthy information and repute amongst the media world. We will teach you how to collaborate with the media and encourage a partnership that is both collaborative and beneficial for both parties.

As with many things in life, the more you work and practice your press release and PR skills the more benefits your company will reap from your press releases and media contacts. It’s not what you know, its WHO you know. In the case of this course we suggest both knowledge and networking is vital for successful press releases.

Course Curriculum

Section1: Introduction to killer press releases - tips from a marketing agency
Introduction to successful press releases and course overview FREE 00:05:00
Meet your instructor, reflective logs, forums and introduce yourself! 00:03:00
What is a press release? Lets get to the bottom of it 00:06:00
Reflective learning log 00:00:00
Section 2: Press Release Coverage
The purpose of a press release – a lot more than most people think 00:06:00
Target audience of press releases – discovering and engaging ideal audiences 00:04:00
Section 3 Specific input from a marketing agency regarding press releases
How press releases can be used as an effective marketing tool 00:08:00
Knowing your product – differentiating through product knowledge 00:06:00
The power of team engagement and brainstorming 00:04:00
How to get your press releases accepted and published with high success rates 00:09:00
Section 4: Company benefits from press releases - what can we gain?
How to use press releases that grow your company 00:08:00
Section 5: Let's get more specific: The do's and don'ts of press releases
Things to avoid – never do things with press releases 00:04:00
Section 6: Let's get practical: Writing a press release the smart way
Research: It all starts with good accurate research. Here is how! 00:05:00
Write like a pro – Professional tips from a writing guru 00:08:00
Capitalize on SEO benefits – but be careful 00:06:00
Timing press releases – how to get it right 00:08:00
Absolute killer insider tips: Using LinkedIn to connect with journalists 00:08:00
Switch the game around: Become a journalists ally 00:07:00
Conclusion: So what have we learned – and how will it change our business? 00:09:00
E-book and PDF notes 00:00:00

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  1. Already working for me - still hoping to close Forbes & CNN!


    The course saved me a lot over the past 4 months as we have gotten into a few news sites at no cost. However I’m still hoping to pitch into Forbes & CNN (aka “fake news”) this year. The LinkedIn tips were useful for sure – but what really sealed the deal for me was using the structured approach given by Adriaan. The course certainly paid for itself in a short time.

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