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A complete guide to affiliate marketing as a successful business


Shops are closing down everwhere as consumers now prefer buying online. This is why now is the best time ever for Affiliate Marketing. Don’t fight the trends – embrace it and change your game quickly to benefit from it!

Would you love to earn a solid income from the comfort of your home?

Want step-by-step advice from high performance digital marketing experts?

Tired of driving in traffic to a job that is not as fulfilling as you would like?

Interested in marketing but not sure how to start?

Are you a great copywriter seeking to cash in on your skills?

Setting up your own small business and need excellent marketing tips?

Yes? If you answered yes to all or some of these questions, then the Affiliate Marketing Empire course is the best next step you can take. Throughout this course we will be discussing the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. We will be guiding you through a wealth of information that is sure to set you up for success in the world of affiliate marketing and online marketing. Here you will learn how to earn money by selling other people’s products or services – or even create your own information products that are sold by thousands of affiliates around the world.

Individuals: Start a new business swiftly and never look back again!

Companies: Boost your business, products and services with the ultimate solution. Learn everything you need to know about how affiliate marketing works, its benefits to companies and how to find the right marketers for your company and product – the best part: Only pay or get paid for actual performance.

Who is this course for?

  • People interested in a marketing career
  • Copywriters
  • People wanting to work from home
  • People wanting a passive income
  • Business owners
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers and influencers

The list could go on.

With online marketing being a favourite home business and businesses and companies opting for a more cost effective form of marketing, affiliate marketing is on the rise. It has a tenacity and adaptability which differentiates it from other industries. Affiliate marketing is only growing since the top companies such as Google, Amazon, LInkshare, Clickbank and Ebay all utilize affiliate marketing for their own services and products and there are several more affiliate networks on the rise.

Unlike the gold rushes of the past that saw many people panning for gold eager to make it big, affiliate marketing does not run out of gold and there is room for many people to get a piece of the action. The Affiliate Marketing Empire course provides the research and give you an insider scoop on the business. The determination and patience is up to you.

Why is this course an excellent route to affiliate marketing?

That is an excellent question.

This “A to Z” course provides you with easy to understand material on affiliate marketing. We explain the basic terminology and convey our expertise in a way that is both informative and easy to understand. We take you on a journey from understanding affiliate marketing and earning an income to getting you started as an affiliate publisher. Where other courses give glimpses into the area of advertising, we explain how advertising on Facebook and other channels can work to your advantage and offer follow-up courses to boost your marketing skills. In addition, we focus on explaining several forms of affiliate creatives elaborating on how to use coupons, emails, social media, videos and banners to promote products and services. The course is also an excellent preparation tool for one of the most highly paid b2b affiliate marketing programs.

Rest assured there are no complicated charts and statistics that are hard to follow and no need to be technical. We provide you with the facts in bite-size lessons that are easy to follow. Furthermore, we provide you with interesting sales funnel options as an effective tool to managing your marketing strategy and helping you fine tune those things that are hindering your success.

Taking a long term view today on an awesome online industry s a great place to start: Time and traffic are the two keys to being successful in online marketing. Learn how to generate traffic to your website and to monetize it successfully. Decide now to become influential and in your field and learn how to build a reliable stream of followers and customers.

Let’s get started.


Course Curriculum

Section 1 Introduction to affiliate marketing and course overview
Introduction 00:07:00
Defining the roles of advertiser and affiliate publisher FREE 00:06:00
Affiliate Q&A session1 – Live examples of quality enhancement FREE 00:10:00
Section 2 Understanding affiliate marketing
What is affiliate marketing and how does it work? 00:08:00
Debunking affiliate marketing myths 00:10:00
Understanding affiliate marketing terminology 00:06:00
Affiliate marketing process: How it works and what you need to start 00:06:00
Understanding sales funnels: What you need to know about sales funnels 00:08:00
Affiliate networks 00:06:00
Earning an income: Popular metrics 00:04:00
Section 3 Free advertising vs paid advertising
Free advertising vs paid social media advertising 00:05:00
Facebook and affiliate marketing 00:08:00
How paid Facebook advertising works 00:05:00
Section 4 Affiliate creatives: Basic and advanced
Coupon advertising: The use of coupon links for affiliates 00:04:00
Powerful email marketing 00:05:00
Calls and mobile marketing 00:06:00
Leverage social media marketing 00:05:00
Video marketing 00:04:00
Banner ads 00:05:00
Using data feeds 00:04:00
Section 5 Getting started with your new affiliate business
Selecting a niche and audience – It is all your choice 00:05:00
Choosing your affiliate strategy 00:06:00
Advertiser terms and conditions 00:03:00
Importance of a website for an affiliate marketer 00:05:00
Generating traffic to your site – creating a traffic storm 00:06:00
Blogging and content marketing 00:04:00
Be smart: Learn about common pitfalls to avoid 00:07:00
Online branding: Creating a presence 00:06:00
Link tracking and cookies explained 00:04:00
Creating disclosures and legal compliance 00:03:00
Beware of leaks: Avoid that leaky bucket and be precise 00:04:00
Using reviews as a means to affiliate marketing 00:04:00
Adding a shop or site to your blog 00:03:00
Be mobile friendly 00:07:00
Section 6 Advertisers
What is an advertiser 00:05:00
Advertiser benefits of affiliate marketing 00:07:00
Advertiser requirements: Attracting and retaining affiliates 00:05:00
Defining your advertising goals 00:04:00
Section 7 Bonus section: More revenue streams, conclusion and thanks
Conclusion: More revenue streams 00:03:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Another great course with really good examples


    All my questions were answered with expert examples and I can clearly see the benefit the course will have for my career and business. I did not realise that there are so many ways to earn revenue on the web. Another great course with Adriaan, many thanks.

  2. I enjoyed the regular updates and in-depth discussions


    What I liked most about the course was that you can expect a well researched and up to date answer on your questions. Having an industry expert means what we learn is actionable.

    I would have loved to learn about Adsense on this course, but I accept that is not part of the course – because it is already 44 lectures long so I’ll have to now join the Publishing Empire for that.

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