Cisco CCNA IPv4 Tutorial: Everything You Need!

Everything you need to know about IPv4


    This course is over 6 hours in length and will cover all aspects of IPv4. Students will learn IP addressing, Subnetting, VLSM, Route Summarization, and Wildcard Masking. The course will also show students how to assign IP addresses to PC’s and Routers. Students will gain an understanding of the TCP/IP properties such as gateways, DNS, WINS, and the use of alternate addresses.
    This is a lecture based course using a whiteboard and hands on labs using Cisco’s Packet Tracer. My method will make you feel like you are sitting in a classroom environment and give you some hands on experience.

    Handouts and labs will be available to facilitate learning and practice.

    My IP course will help you in becoming comfortable with, not only IPv4, but it will also help you in preparing for any networking certification and Computer Science Degrees; not to mention the fact, that for those that are already working in the field, it will help you in calculating IP addresses without a calculator. This method should expedite the way you convert in order to make you faster, better and stronger!

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Introduction to IP addressing
    LD2 L1-Introduction to the IPv4 Course FREE 00:02:00
    LD2 L2-What is an IP Address? 00:07:00
    LD2 L3-Special IP Addresses 00:16:00
    LD2 L4-Classes Of IP addresses 00:26:00
    LD2 L5-The Subnetmask 00:10:00
    Section 2: Assigning IP Addresses
    LD2 L6-CIDR to Dotted Decimal conversions 00:10:00
    LD2 L7-Plan your IP structure 00:18:00
    LD2 L8-Assign your IP to your PC’s 00:09:00
    Section 3: Assign IP address to Routers
    LD2 L9-Basic commands on a router to include interfaces 00:27:00
    LD2 L10-Assigning IP addresses to a routers interface using the packet tracer! 00:07:00
    Section 4: Introduction to subnetting
    LD2 L11-What and Why we subnet? 00:24:00
    LD2 L12-Class-Full vs. Class-Less 00:12:00
    LD2 L13-The Subnetting steps 00:33:00
    Section 5: Class-Full Subnetting
    LD2 L14-Subnet using Class “C” Address 00:28:00
    LD2 L15-Subnet using Class “B” Address 00:19:00
    LD2 L16-Subnet using Class “A” Address 00:17:00
    Section 6: Class-Less Subnetting or VLSM
    LD2 L17-The Concepts of VLSM 00:14:00
    LD2 L18-VLSM Practice 00:15:00
    Section 7: Route summarization or Supernetting
    LD2 L19-What is Summarization? 00:09:00
    LD2 L20-Summarize using binary method 00:18:00
    LD2 L21-How to summarize using EIGRP 00:14:00
    Section 8: Wildcard Masking
    LD2 L22-What is wildcard masking? 00:05:00
    LD2 L23-Calculating the wildcard mask 00:08:00
    LD2 L24-Wildcard mask using OSPF 00:09:00
    LD2 L25-Wildcard mask using an access-list 00:10:00

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