Get a Job Without Applying

Triple your interviews by being a great candidate that recruiters are searching for today.
This course is for professionals who want to:
1) perform a passive job search;
2) get calls from recruiters for jobs without applying.


    “This class has been great. I completed the class Friday 10/07 night and I’ve had 5 phone calls and about 10 emails since from recruiters. Including a meet and greet mixer with one company.” Izeko Floyd

    I know this sounds a little crazy but…the thing is…my students and clients get calls every day with these techniques!

    Over 75% of my clients get their final job through recruiter calls, not through direct applications.

    There are many reasons for this. I just had a client that had direct applied for a job but when they called they told her they found her on Linkedin.

    What? Why?…ok…here is why…The employers use applicant tracking systems that have created a ‘resume black hole’ for candidates AND for employers. So, they increasingly make use of 3rd Party Recruiters or search online databases to source their talent. In a way, this makes sense.

    Think about how much Google invests in their search function. Linkedin and Monster do the same thing…while the employers’ talent management systems are static and not designed for search in the first place.

    If you are not getting calls on your resume…check out this course and learn these techniques that are easy to implement.

    I explain EXACTLY, with screen shots from recruiter applications, what they are looking for so you can make these tweaks and get calls today!

    What are the requirements?

    Have a resume that captures and communicates their skills

    What am I going to get from this course?

    • Over 11 lessons and 1 hour of content!
    • Get a job without applying
    • Tap the Hidden Job Market
    • Perform a passive job search

    Who is the target audience?

    • Someone actively looking for a job
    • Someone that is not currently looking for work but would like to ‘play the field’ and get calls for jobs to see ‘what is out there’
    • Someone that wants a new job but does not have time to apply
    • Someone that wants to build their image as the ‘go-to’ professional for a certain set of skills through online profiling

    Course Curriculum

    Get a Job Without Applying Course Agenda
    LinkedIn: Get Ready to Get Interviews 00:00:13
    LinkedIn: Tap the Hidden Job Market Introduction 00:01:38
    Get a Job Without Applying Linkedin Profile
    Linkedin: Hidden Job Market Linkedin Recruiter App 00:00:40
    Linkedin: Hidden Job Market Linkedin Profile Building Tutorial 00:20:49
    Hidden Job Market Online Job Boards
    Job Search: Get a Job Without Applying with Monster 00:02:57
    Job Search: Get a Job Without Applying Tutorial 00:14:21
    Job Search: Refresh Your Campaign For More Calls 00:04:44
    Job Search: List of Monster Fields Strategy and Document 00:01:27
    Networking to Get a Job
    Networking to Get a Job Introduction 00:02:30
    Building a Warm Lead Champions List 00:04:38
    Linkedin Premium: Bypassing the Gatekeeper 00:04:11

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