How to Immigrate to the US as an MBA

This course is specifically written for anyone who holds a Bachelor’s degree, in any profession, and who wants to immigrate to the United States as a Master’s student.


There are multiple ways to immigrate to the United States. This course discusses the experience of my clients, The MBA Student Professional Immigrant Model. This method starts with being a MBA student, obtaining funding for the education, and a model of career strategies both during and after graduation. Because there is so much uncertainty, I have also included the alternative strategies that my clients have used to reduce stress and increase certainty.

I will be discussing and introducing general Visa concepts. Because I am an Executive MBA career strategist and coach, and I am not an attorney, nothing in the class can be construed as legal advice.

Professionals and students that wish to immigrate to the United States need both a career and a legal plan.

My focus in the course is the career strategy aspect of the process, versus paperwork. There are many books about paperwork and almost none about how this actually happens and the likelihood of success.

What are the requirements?

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree from their home country
  • What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 9 lectures and 35 mins of content!
  • MBA student – professional immigrant model
  • How to fund your MBA in the United States
  • Career strategies to ensure success
  • Alternative strategies to reduce stress and increase certainty

Who is the target audience?

Bachelor degree holder (in any profession) that wants to immigrate to the United States as a Master’s student.

Technically, this can work for any Master’s degree but MBAs are my specialty

Those generally interested in U.S. Immigration career strategies

Course Curriculum

The MBA Student Immigration Model
Immigration Strategy: Immigration Types and the F1 Visa 00:05:00
Funding Your U.S. MBA Education
Free Immigration Strategy: Funding Your Education 00:03:00
Get a Graduate Assistantship (GA) 00:03:00
Free Immigration Career Strategies
Career Strategies BEFORE You Graduate 00:02:00
AFTER You Graduate 00:08:00
Immigration Examples to Reduce Stress and Increase Certainty
Case Study Examples of Immigration 00:06:00
Alternative Strategies to Reduce Stress and Increase Certainty 00:04:00

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