Kick Negative Habits, Compulsive Behaviors and OCD Forever

Tools and resources to live free from negative habits and behaviours forever


This course is intended for anyone who would like to free themselves of negative habits, impulsions, compulsions, and addictions.

This includes people who wish to address things such as:

Giving up smoking, losing weight and keeping it off, help with stopping biting nails, as well as help with addressing negative destructive behaviours, including gambling, binge drinking and addictions such as sex/porn and even the internet.

It is especially helpful for people who are living with conditions such as OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder and the anxieties that accompany it.

In fact, regardless of what it is your looking to get rid of to make positive changes to your life, this course will give you the tools and resources you need to finally free yourself from those negative habits and behaviours forever.

You’ll get personal support from me, the course instructor and I’m available 7 days week to keep you motivated and on track to achieve what you want from the course!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: An Introduction: Habits, Compulsive Behaviours and Addictions
LC4 Resources and Handy Downloads FREE 00:00:00
LC4 What Is a Negative Habit? 00:02:00
LC4 What Are Compulsive Behaviours? 00:04:00
LC4 Conscious Willpower 00:03:00
Section 2: Common Problems and The Limitations of Willpower
LC4 The Most Common Modern Problems 00:03:00
LC4 The Problem With Willpower 00:06:00
Section 3: Mindfulness
LC4 How Mindfulness Can Help 00:00:00
LC4 Mindfulness Exercises 00:00:00
Section 4: All About Habits...
LC4 How Are Habits Formed? 00:03:00
LC4 When Are Negative Habits a Problem? 00:02:00
LC4 Getting Rid of Negative Habits 00:05:00
LC4 Negative Reinforcement 00:02:00
Section 5: All About Compulsive Behaviours...
LC4 When Is a Compulsive Behaviour a Problem? 00:02:00
LC4 Habituation 00:04:00
LC4 Changing The Details of Your Behaviour 00:02:00
LC4 A Brief Introduction to OCD 00:00:00
Section 6: Impulsive Behaviours
LC4 When Is Impulsive Behaviour A Problem? 00:02:00
LC4 How To Deal With Impulsive Behaviours 00:04:00
LC4 How Impulsive Am I? 00:00:00
Section 7: Substance Dependency
LC4 When Is Substance Dependence A Problem 00:06:00
LC4 How To Tackle Dependence 00:03:00
Section 8: Conclusion
LC4 Conclusion 00:03:00

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