Layer 2 Switching & VLAN’s for Cisco CCNA

Receive a thorough understanding of switching and how to apply in a real world environment


    This course is several hours in length and will cover Layer 2 switching in detail. I will explain the Technology and media access control method for Ethernet networks, network segmentation, switching concepts and the operation of Cisco switches.

    Students will get a thorough understanding of switching and how we would implement it in a real world environment.

    We will discuss the following concepts switching services and rules we should follow when segmenting networks. We will also compare bridging vs. LAN switching focusing in great detail on the Spanning-tree protocol. We will look at the switch Functions at layer two, such as how a switch learns about the nodes on the network and how it makes its decisions to forward the information and most definitely how to secure our ports on the switches.

    Once get an understanding of how switches work and their administrative configurations we will then go into explain and creating vlans and inter-vlan connectivity and what would be the benefits of using VLANs on our network. You will learn the different port types and encapsulation methods we use when using vlans, and will fully understand the difference between trunking a port and the VTP protocol.

    This is a lecture based course using the Touch-IT Technology Smart board, which will make learning very interactive and engaging. Hands on labs will be used to drill down the concepts learned in each lecture using Cisco’s Packet Tracer.

    My method will make you feel like you are sitting in a classroom environment and give the most needed hands on experience!

    Handouts will be available to facilitate learning and practice.

    This course will help the student become familiar with layer 2 switching and vlans and how to implement them in your environment…but it will also help in preparing for any networking certification or Computer Science Degree; not to mention the fact that for those already in the field, it will further improve routing decisions in their particular networks.

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Layer 2 switching
    LD7 L1-Introduction to layer 2 switching 00:03:00
    LD7 L2-How the switch populates its MAC address table 00:18:00
    LD7 L3-Switching Loops at layer 2 00:15:00
    LD7 L4-Port Security 00:30:00
    Section 2: Configuring Catalyst Switches
    LD7 L5-Basic Administration Configuration 00:31:00
    LD7 L6-Advanced Administration Configuration 00:17:00
    LD7 L7-Verifying Cisco Catalyst Switches 00:10:00
    LD7 L8-Backing up Switch configurations 00:09:00
    Section 3: Enhanced Switched Techonologies
    LD7 L9-The Spanning-Tree Protocol 00:32:00
    LD7 L10-Types of Spanning-Tree 00:09:00
    LD7 L11-Per-vlan Spanning-Tree 00:05:00
    LD7 L12-Modifying the Switch Bridge ID 00:12:00
    Section 4: Manipulating Spanning-Tree Protocol
    LD7 L13-Using the Portfast command 00:08:00
    LD7 L14-Using the BPDUGUARD command 00:12:00
    LD7 L15-Verifying Spanning Tree Protocol 00:05:00
    Section 5: Vlan Basics
    LD7 L16-Broadcast Control using Vlans 00:13:00
    LD7 L17-Security using Vlans 00:07:00
    LD7 L18-Flexibility and Scalability 00:15:00
    Section 6: Identifying Vlans
    LD7 L19-Switchport modes 00:18:00
    LD7 L20-Frame Tagging 00:06:00
    LD7 L21-Vlan Identification Method 00:05:00
    Section 7: Routing between vlans
    LD7 L22-Do we need routers? 00:06:00
    LD7 L23-Creating Vlans 00:16:00
    LD7 L24-Naming and assigning Vlans 00:07:00
    LD7 L25-Configuring trunk ports 00:07:00
    LD7 L26-Changing the native Vlans 00:08:00
    Section 8: Router Configuration
    LD7 L27-Inter-Vlan configurations 00:23:00
    Section 9: Virtual Trunking Protocol
    LD7 L28-Defining VTP 00:12:00
    Section 10: Summary of Layer 2 Switching
    LD7 L29-The importance of creating a secure, redundant and fast switched network 00:03:00

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