Pre-sell Your Product Before You Build It

The #1 method to test the market and find people who want to buy your programs and products before you create them.



    Wouldn’t it be great to know if people want to buy your programs and products before you build it?

    Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours creating programs and products without knowing if anyone will want them.

    That ends today!

    You will get the secrets of a high-performing and a $5 test marketing technique that will get you on track to great sales overnight.

    What are the requirements?

    • Want to learn how to do digital advertising
    • Small advertising budget

    What am I going to get from this course?

    • Get The $5 Cheap Test Marketing Campaign
    • Rapidly Create Multiple Marketing Campaigns to Test Different Concepts
    • Identify Your Audience For High-Performing Ads

    Who is the target audience?

    • Marketers Willing to Invest a Small Amount in Advertising

    Course Curriculum

    Introduction to the Course
    One Minute Pre-sell Course Agenda 00:02:00
    Crack your Interest Group Research
    Target Market: Find Who Wants Your Stuff 00:01:00
    Finding Your Facebook Tribe FREE 00:08:00
    Pages Feed 00:01:31
    Facebook Graph Search 00:02:30
    Twitter 00:02:45
    Homework: Interest Group Research 00:00:25
    Create a Great Facebook Ad
    Facebook Ad Setup Intro 00:00:36
    Ad Checklist and Resource List 00:01:00
    Setting Up Your Ad Tutorial Intro 00:02:19
    Power Editor Ad Creation Tutorial 00:03:53
    Ad Image Creation 00:04:13
    The $1 Canva Image 00:03:27
    Photo Manipulation 00:03:35
    Text and Image Boxes 00:04:19
    Facebook Ad Image Homework 00:00:31
    Winning Ad Content
    Ad Content 00:06:43
    Marketing Hooks 00:02:53
    Novel Hooks 00:02:51
    Facebook Fanpage Creation (Needed to Run Ads) 00:03:01
    Facebook Ad Content Homework 00:01:38
    A Successful Landing Page
    Setting Up the Landing Page 00:07:34
    Using Landing Page Templates 00:01:50
    Privacy Statement and Legal Terms of Agreement 00:04:47
    Leadpage WordPress Integration 00:04:16
    ScheduleOnce Basic 00:02:23
    FB Conversion Pixel 00:05:42
    Landing Page Homework 00:02:36
    Using Facebook Groups Effectively
    Facebook Groups Alternative to Landing Page 00:02:36
    Should I Use Facebook Groups 00:01:16
    Facebook Advertising Cheap Test Marketing 00:05:22
    Making an Ad in PowerEditor Tutorial 00:18:00
    How to Pick a Winner
    Analytics and Picking a Winner 00:03:58
    Picking a Winner Homework 00:01:04

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    • $49.00
    • 180 Days

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