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    Welcome to the fundamentals of successful selling.

    We are all exposed to sales, everyday of our lives. Even when you’re convincing your partner that you should go on a holiday – you’re also selling the idea to them. In the USA and many parts of the world, good sales managers now earn more than doctors and lawyers, so a career in sales is a serious opportunity.

    But sales is just the final step in the marketing process and smart sales people will adhere to the rules of marketing and real world economics. This means that Money is not “unlimited” and we must learn to target the right people with the right product before we learn how to sell it in a highly efficient and profitable way. Because some people live on credit cards, many Americans and Europeans belief the illusion that the supply of money is “unlimited” and they think we can sell anything to anyone. Now that sounds nice but the fact is that in our world, wealth disparity is on the rise, so the wealthy segment is growing, where rich people have more money than ever and at the same time, the poor segment is also growing because the middle class is shrinking.

    So if you want to believe that you can sell ice to an Eskimo, this course is not for you. If on the other hand you want to learn professional sales fundamentals and perform well in the real world, you’re going to love this course.

    Before joining us, please take a look at my profile and the reviews from more than 5000 other entrepreneurs online. Check out the exciting curriculum for the course below and join us when you are ready. I look forward to working with you and will be happy to answer all your questions on the forum.

    Course Overview

    Sales is the final step within the marketing process and every business is run on sales. You may have known that in the USA, good sales managers earn more than doctors and lawyers. How else will the business get new clients or grow? Sales is the engine that drives every successful and thriving business. Whether your business is small or large, you need sales. Think of cars, TVs, food, fashion, mobile devices, and so on. These all have come into your life in one way or other through effective sales. You had a need. You sought help to meet that need which led you to a friendly salesman. By asking relevant questions and taking time to understand your needs and preferences, they pointed you towards your answer. The result? You bought a product or service that enriched and improved your life.

    Today, sales is a profession that almost anyone can make a career in; however, successful salespeople to a certain extent are a personality and while anyone can get a job in sales, dedication and hard work are key to success.

    The beauty of the sales industry is that it gives people a good starting point. It teaches life skills, people skills, and enhances charisma. Sales has an incredible way of building confidence and stretching you beyond yourself making it a versatile job for both extroverts and introverts. Some of the most successful people we know today worked as salespeople while reaching for their dreams. Celebrities who worked as sales reps before making it famous in the Hollywood industry include the following:

    George Clooney who worked as a door to door insurance salesman
    Jennifer Anniston worked as a telesales person selling timeshares
    Johnny Depp was a telemarketer who sold ballpoint pens to customers
    Kanye West worked as a sales assistant for Gap.
    Jon Bon Jovi sold newspapers when he was a young man

    These celebrities got to where they are today because of the skills that sales cultivated in their personal growth. Perhaps you are called to be a salesperson or maybe you are just passing through. Either way you are about to embark on a journey of personal discovery and enrichment while learning teamwork, business savvy, and earning a salary.

    This course is dedicated to teaching you what you need to know about becoming successful in the sales industry. We focus on explaining sales and its methodology to you while pinpointing those attributes and processes you will need to follow in order to achieve success. In the heart of this course you will learn about the heart of sales, namely, prospecting. Without prospecting, sales would not exist.

    Some sales courses focus more on sales methods and other sales topics whereas this course brings you some of the realities of the sales industry. We want you to know what to expect so that you are better prepared for your career.

    Some of the highlights of this course include teaching you what you can do to create a great first impression. We also tell you several sales approach styles you can apply to your sales presentation. These styles can be adapted to your sales presentation however, there will be at least one style that will fit your personality and naturally dictate your overall sales approach.

    At the end of this course, you should feel ready and hopeful about your career in sales. Join me as we explore the challenging but highly rewarding world of sales.

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: About the Course and Introduction to Sales
    SA 1 – Course introduction and the 5 types of sales styles FREE 00:08:00
    SA 2 – Sales and its purpose for your company 00:06:00
    Section 2: Everything You Need to Know to Start Out with Sales
    SA 3 – Managing the stages of the sales cycle 00:09:00
    SA 4 – The sales funnel – definition, examples and innovative use 00:08:00
    Section 3: The Salesperson
    SA 5 – First impressions – the starting point of successful sales 00:10:00
    SA 6 – Preparation: crafting your sales presentation and knowing your customers 00:13:00
    SA 10 – Prospecting: how it works and why it is essential 00:05:00
    SA 11 – Prospecting methods and tips – innovative ways of getting more clients 00:09:00
    SA 12 – Networking: the backbone of great sales 00:08:00
    SA 13 – The art of maintaining long term customers through relationship marketing 00:05:00
    Section 4: Soliciting Customer Feeback by Asking the Right Sales Questions
    SA 14 – Why questions can be so powerful in closing a sale 00:07:00
    SA 15 – Tips and examples in asking relevant and appropriate questions 00:07:00

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