Tableau 9 For Data Science: REAL-Life Data Science Exercises

Learn Tableau 9 for Data Science step-by-step. Apply Tableau to Real-Life exercises and case-studies. Learn by doing!


    This is a truly step-by-step course that will take you into the incredible world of Data Visualisation. Already after the first section you will be able to analyse with Tableau!

    Learn by doing! Each section comes with a new dataset for you to download and a new exercise that will challenge you to learn in a fun and engaging way.

    Each module is independent so you can start learning from wherever you see fit. The more you learn the better you will get. However, you can stop at any time you will still have a strong set of skills to take with you.

    This class will make you a highly proficient Tableau Analyst. By the end of this course will confidently add Tableau to your CV.

    BONUS: This course will be updated with brand new sections as Tableau release new versions of their software in the future. So when you enroll – you enroll for life!


    Course Curriculum

    Module 1 - It's super easy to get Started
    KE1 L1-Welcome! What is Tableau & Course Overview FREE 00:06:00
    KE1 L2-Installation 00:04:00
    KE1 L3-Exercise – Get Excited! 00:05:00
    KE1 L4-Tableau Public – Free Version Of Tableau 00:05:00
    Module 2: Tableau Basics: Your First Bar chart
    KE1 L5-The Business Challenge – Who Gets the Annual Bonus? 00:04:00
    KE1 L6-Connecting Tableau to a Data file – CSV file 00:06:00
    KE1 L7-Navigating Tableau 00:09:00
    KE1 L8-Creating calculated fields 00:06:00
    KE1 L9-Adding colors 00:08:00
    KE1 L10-Adding labels and formatting 00:11:00
    KE1 L11-Exporting your worksheet 00:08:00
    KE1 L12-Get The Viz 00:01:00
    KE1 Quiz 1-Tableau Basics 00:00:00
    Module 3: Time series, Aggregation, and Filters
    KE1 L13-Section intro 00:02:00
    KE1 L14-Working with Data Extracts in Tableau 00:08:00
    KE1 L15-Working with time series 00:10:00
    KE1 L16-Understanding aggregation, granularity, and level of detail 00:09:00
    KE1 L17-Creating an area chart & learning about highlighting 00:09:00
    KE1 L18-Adding a filter and quick filter 00:08:00
    KE1 Quiz 2-Timeseries, Aggregation, and Filters 00:00:00
    Module 4: Maps, Scatterplots, and Your First Dashboard
    KE1 L19-Section intro 00:02:00
    KE1 L20-Joining Data in Tableau 00:10:00
    KE1 L21-Creating a map, working with hierarchies 00:11:00
    KE1 L22-Creating a scatter plot, applying filters to multiple worksheets 00:10:00
    KE1 L23-Let’s create our first dashboard! 00:07:00
    KE1 L24-Adding an interactive action – Filter 00:09:00
    KE1 L25-Adding an interactive action – Highlighting 00:10:00
    KE1 Quiz 3-Maps, Scatterplots, and Your First Dashboard 00:00:00
    Module 5: Joining and Blending Data, PLUS: Dual Axis Charts
    KE1 L26-Section intro 00:05:00
    KE1 L27-Understanding how LEFT, RIGHT, INNER, and OUTER joins work 00:06:00
    KE1 L28-Joins with duplicate values 00:03:00
    KE1 L29-Joining on multiple fields 00:05:00
    KE1 L30-Data Blending in Tableau 00:15:00
    KE1 L31-The showdown: Joining Data v.s. Blending Data in Tableau 00:11:00
    KE1 L32-Dual Axis chart 00:12:00
    KE1 L33-Creating calculated fields in a Blend (advanced topic) 00:13:00
    KE1 L34-Section Recap 00:07:00
    KE1 Quiz 4-Joining and Blending Data, PLUS: Dual Axis Charts 00:00:00
    Module 6: Table Calculations, Advanced Dashboards, Storytelling
    KE1 L35-Section intro 00:01:00
    KE1 L36-Downloading the dataset and connecting Tableau 00:04:00
    KE1 L37-Mapping: How To Set Geographical Roles 00:07:00
    KE1 L38-Creating Table Calculations For Gender 00:05:00
    KE1 L39-Creating Bins and Distributions For Age 00:07:00
    KE1 L40-Leveraging the power of Parameters 00:08:00
    KE1 L41-How to create a Tree map chart 00:02:00
    KE1 L42-Creating a customer segmentation dashboard 00:06:00
    KE1 L43-Advanced dashboard interactivity and colouring 00:00:07
    KE1 L44-Analyzing the Customer Segmentation Dashboard 00:11:00
    KE1 L45-Creating a Storyline 00:12:00
    KE1 Quiz 5-Table Calculations, Advanced Dashboards, Storytelling 00:00:00
    Module 7: Advanced Data Preparation
    KE1 L46-Section intro 00:02:00
    KE1 L47-What format your data should be in 00:05:00
    KE1 L48-Data interpreter – new Tableau 9 feature 00:12:00
    KE1 L49-Pivot – new Tableau 9 feature 00:03:00
    KE1 L50-Splitting a Column into multiple Columns – new Tableau 9 feature 00:03:00
    KE1 L51-MetaData Grid – new Tableau 9 feature 00:07:00
    KE1 L52-Fixing Geographical Data Errors in Tableau 00:07:00
    KE1 Quiz 6-Advanced Data Questions 00:00:00
    Module 8: Conclusion
    KE1 L53-Course overview and roadmap download 00:09:00

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