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Entrepreneurs from all backgrounds are now joining the digital publishing revolution to reach new large audiences. Building an online empire with a passive monthly income is more appealing than any full time job. So what is the secret of those who are really successful and where can you learn all the skills required to do the same?

The answer is right here: By joining this intesive course with beginner and advanced modules, you can fast-track the process of starting your own publishing business.

Save your time: No need to waste months on an internship with a publishing company to figure out how it is done – learn it all right here.

Save money: No need to pay thousands or invest in any franchises to start your own successful publishing business.

We provide you with proof that an online empire can easily earn $30K per month (See my own daily revenue reports below on the video)
With absolutely no prior experience, YOU can now learn how to build an online empire.
Work from home, from your boat, holiday home or from anywhere in the world!

Now it is your turn: Learn from a successful marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur who created this course to share everything you need to know and more: By combining proven business models for two of the largest multi-billion dollar ecosystems in the world into a single integrated strategy, entrepreneurs will learn exactly how to create an online empire which is also an income generating autopilot.

These are the two areas in which you will obtain total mastery:

Your own Google Adsense Empire: Google Adsense is the world’s biggest advertising platform, where all major marketing companies spend their budget. Learn how to partner with Google to receive a high share of this revenue.
Your own E-book Empire: Access The E-book market, where billions of readers from around the world buy books for immediate consumption, through multiple channels such as Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo and the iTunes bookstore. Learn how to create and distribute valuable content on these channels and sell thousands of e-books
There is a lot more to the course: Additionally, entrepreneurs will receive specific coaching on how to integrate your Adsense and E-book empires into a single, profitable business with multiple revenue streams. This is supported by a complete toolkit for building an online empire and finally, with complete guidance on how to sell your business to investors.

The main features of this coaching course:

Really master the Google Adsense industry
Really master the E-book publishing industry
Free market research that shows you EXACTLY where the money is!
Learn everything you always wanted to know about online passive income.
Create and grow a sustainable e-business
Belong to a community of influential digital entrepreneurs
Receive regular insider information from senior digital marketers
Stay ahead of the curve with cutting edge support
Learn shortcuts to distinction and quickly create multiple revenue streams
Work from home or anywhere in the world whilst growing a large, valuable business of your own
45 Day money back guarantee on the course
Is this course right for me?

This course is not for everyone: If you’d like to be employed by someone for the rest of your life and do not think investing in yourself will make a difference, then this is probably not a course for you.

This course is perfect for you if:

You have the desire to be an entrepreneur and benefit from the global reach offered by 3 billion mobile and tablet users.

You belief that the next wave of internet millionaires will be those who provide digital services to a growing number of users throughout the world.

You are willing to take all the necessary steps NOW to start your own multi-platform publishing business or e-business.

Take action today: Stop thinking about your next move. This course will provide you with a shortcut to distinction and a step-by-step process to succeed as a publisher.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to digital publishing empires
Welcome to digital publishing empires FREE 00:04:00
Meet your instructor FREE 00:00:00
Proof: Check out my revenue reports! FREE 00:05:00
Understanding the Global E-book phenomenon FREE 00:12:00
Perspective: Startups serving the 99% is the next frontier FREE 00:08:00
The Google Adsense business plan for empires
Introduction to Google Adsense revenue streams FREE 00:00:00
Powerful Adsense tactics for publishers 00:08:00
The E-book empire: How to grow and dominate
E-books: Tapping into the global distribution chain 00:12:00
Tactics in dealing with bigger suppliers such as Amazon 00:12:00
Market entry tactics for E-book publishers (new and established) 00:09:00
Using social media search to grow an audience 00:09:00
Understanding CMS rankings and promotion tactics 00:12:00
Creating premium E-book content for high-yielding markets 00:11:00
Creating copy that sells: Your guide to copywriting 00:14:00
Lifecycle management: Marketing your e-book at different stages 00:09:00
Implementation of mass marketing for sales 00:11:00
Principles of mass marketing and the relevance to E-books 00:10:00
Introduction to Email marketing for publishers 00:09:00
Tactical steps in email marketing 00:09:00
Creating powerful email campaigns and strategies 00:10:00
Integrating E-books and Adsense: Income autopilot
Integrate and manage E-book marketing with Google Adsense 00:12:00
The publishers complete toolkit for empire building
Exposing E-book millionaires: How did they do it? 00:09:00
Case study1: Learn how Guy Kawasaki get millions of viewers 00:10:00
Case study 2: How did Tim Ferriss engage the masses to become a best-seller? 00:10:00
Advanced insights: How to market to any competitors’ subscriber list 00:15:00
Useful Adsense skills to add to your list 00:08:00
Outsourcing: One of the hidden building blocks you should use 00:12:00
Formatting E-books: Quick guide 00:00:00
Converting from WORD to EPUB (for iTunes publishing) 00:00:00
100 Page E-book: Attracting free user-generated content as a publisher 00:00:00
Publisher ethics 00:00:00
Regulations and contracts 00:00:00
Publishing news and updates: E-book market report 00:00:00
Selling your business to investors
Selling your business: When, how and valuations 00:10:00
Where to market and sell your business to investors 00:10:00
Thank you message from Adriaan Brits 00:02:00
Bonus session 1: How to create a traffic storm with free press coverage
What is a press release? Lets get to the bottom of it 00:06:00
The purpose of a press release – a lot more than most people think 00:06:00
Target audience of press releases – discovering and engaging ideal audiences 00:04:00
How press releases can be used as an effective marketing tool 00:08:00
Knowing your product – differentiating through product knowledge 00:06:00
How to get your press releases accepted and published with high success rates 00:09:00
Things you should always do as part of the process 00:06:00
Things to avoid – never do things with press releases 00:04:00
Write like a pro – Professional tips from a writing guru 00:08:00
Capitalize on SEO benefits – but be careful 00:06:00
Absolute killer insider tips: Using LinkedIn to connect with journalists 00:08:00
Switch the game around: Become a journalists ally 00:07:00

Course Reviews


4 ratings
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  1. A course well worth doing


    This course teaches you how to monetize your content at several touchpoints. I like the idea of being able to sell your business after setting it up. Adriaan Brits obviously did a lot of research and consulting in this area, which makes the course valuable even to advanced users.

    My only criticism is that I would have liked more hand-holding on basic things such as creating an e-book file. However I recommended this to Adriaan and hope to see that update soon.

  2. 4

    I was looking for a career change at 30. This provided me with a fresh perspective on how to own and run a global publishing business. What I liked most is Adriaan’s approach to research. He does not do any guessing: The course provides clear guidance on research and very effective sales tactics. There is a lot of extras I did not expect to find – so it makes sense to spend some time on repeating some of the videos.

    What I hope to see over the next few months is more case studies of best-sellers, so that I will know how to adjust my tactics.

  3. A rare, insightful course packed with information


    The course is very specific on how to break into the digital publishing game. It helps you to combine the best strategies from multiple platforms and to develop a strong business. Adriaan has a great reputation in the industry and his marketing insights, combined with publishing knowledge is remarkable.
    From an entrepreneurs’ perspective, rather than just being a writer, it is great to see how outsourcing can be a game changer and how to set up an exit strategy from a publishing business. I hope to also attend any follow-up seminars in London or NYC. Thanks again!

  4. Great resources, talented trainer - easy to implement


    With so many work-from-home opportunities it was difficult to choose a good course. What attracted me to “$100K publishing empire” is the ability to sell digital subscription products around the world, without the need for physical fulfillment of products.
    The teacher is very talented with a lot of business experience and the course modules were quite engaging. If you are new to publishing, this will give you very clear guidance on what to do next – and loads of resources for various stages of the business.

    I feel confident about putting my knowledge into action. As an experienced publisher, I now have a few new tactics to consider.

    During the course, all questions were answered very promptly, with additional examples to illustrate the instructors’ answer: The real case studies were great! The only area for improvement: I would be happy to pay double the price to also learn about app publishing, although I appreciate that with Amazon and some channels, it is all automated – and that this is a business/entrepreneurs course, rather than a “tech” course.

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