Digital marketers now rely heavily on Data Science

The convergence between Digital marketing and the Tech sector is moving ever closer as we rely more on data driven decisions for marketing. So many new roles have been created, often pursued by those already in Marketing (crossing over towards tech) and vice versa – as well as people seeking a career change, who seize the opportunity to go with new trends. Usually, senior managers get a shock when they learn that a new young tech employee has to earn around $150K because there is a shortage skill that only they can fulfil, however the truth is that most AMA/CIM/IDM members with marketing qualifications have outdated skills and they too, can learn about Data Science and Tableau in a very short time and be employed in these shortage skill positions! Why leave this opportunity only for those who pursue instant careers?

Here at Globalcademy we run an intensive course that will qualify you as a Data Scientist, which includes Tableau mastery in order to be great at data visualisation. This is precisely what employers require today: According to Glassdoor, a Marketing Technology Director earns a medial salary of $150K and Linkedin predicts that this trend will only accelerate beyond 2020. Clearly a marketing technology career is in demand and preparing for it should be your top priority of you’re keen on a career change.

If signing up for our “all-access pass” on Globalcademy, you will have 12 months access to the Data Science course from Kirill Eremenko as well as the International Marketing Diploma (which is really useful for tech specialists who lack an understanding of marketing theory). Off course you may opt to do only the Data Science course if you’re already qualified in Marketing – however a good feature of the all-access pass, is that you will also learn from experts such as Dr. Karen Gurney how to leverage Facebook marketing for webinars – and a whole range of sales & marketing courses that will turn you into a subject expert in no time.

Now let’s explore your role as a Data Scientist in marketing, keeping technology in mind:

Clearly the volume of marketing data is increasing rapidly and there is a great need to make sense of an enormous database. Management of our marketing data is becoming a sizeable challenge for most organizations who rely on business intelligence (BI) or IT. BI and IT have their own priorities and depending on how your organization is setup marketing data management may not be a top priority for them. Google Analytics and other tools are only the starting point and we require experts who can interpret data well and inform organisations of the decisions we need to make, based on the data – hence Tableau, R and other tools supersede Google Analytics.

The need for someone to manage the flow, integration and usage of marketing data is critical. As it is evident: this role is also a hybrid of analytics/BI and marketing skill set. The most ideal candidate will be either a tech or marketing professional with the ability to use BI tools and help the organization switch to a data driven environment.

Trending quallifications right now for digital marketing:

Remarketing with Adwords and Analytics by Adriaan Brits on

Remarketing with Google Adwords and Analytics by Adriaan Brits on Linkedin learning

Digital marketing research course using tools like Facebook/Analytics/Amazon on Lynda

Digital marekting research on Linkedin learning


The good news is that traditional marketers can be up and running with a new, updated career opportunity in less than 2 weeks. New entrants with no experience, could probably be up and running within 4 to 6 weeks after studying the basic marketing skills and free analytics courses from Google. Reach out to us today if you need some more ideas on how to hack your career success in Marketing.

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October 29, 2016

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