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Promote best-selling courses, help people worldwide to experience personal growth, while earning a solid revenue for promoting it!



Monetize your digital assets with Globalcademy and be in full control!


What We Do

Globalcademy.com offers awesome online courses, sold to the consumer and B2B markets. All our courses are immediately accessible after payment. We offer one of the most attractive affiliate programs for e-learning affiliates.


Who can join?

We work with high quality content producers, email marketing specialists and digital publishers. Anyone who meets this criteria can apply to become an affiliate with Globalcademy.com eLearning. If you have a strategy to promote and sell eLearning courses, we want to hear from you. Training companies, magazines, bloggers and solo influencers are all in a good position to work with us. Typical earnings of around $3000 to $7000/month is quite common for small publishers and is considerably higher for large companies. 

How can I be successful as an affiliate? 

Our most successful affiliates take time to understand our products - and provide accurate, informative endorsements.  This usually includes a great written article, containing  a text link and banner image - as well as building and maintaining communities around our products.  You need to understand the needs of your audience and make an effort to inform, educate and entertain them with good quality information. That is the key to success!

Why become a Globalcademy.com eLearning Affiliate?

Globalcademy is a leader in it's field: Our courses are highly popular and help thousands of people to change their lives every day. With most of our learners signing up for more courses than they originally joined, we are clearly doing something right. Benefit from selling single courses, bundled packages and recurring subscriptions that will earn you a passive online revenue. With our proprietary affiliate system you can manage a direct relationship without any networks. 

You're always in full control:

Our transparent affiliate system has 24/7 live reporting,  providing affiliates  with a dashboard to control their business and make instant decisions.

Earn commission on every sale:

60 Day cookie tracking ensure that you earn from every sale that is made!

What support will I get as a Globalcademy.com eLearning Affiliate?

At Globalcademy we empower affiliates to run their own business with great success. We provide you with full access to a transparent e-commerce system where you can easily track your conversions and create new coupon offers. Our relatsionship with our affiliates is a long term relationship and our top performers are frequently invited to come and hang out with us in Europe. Our system provides 24/7 learner and affiliate support.  Grow your business with us and be part of a growing knowledge economy. 

Affiliate Program Details

We offer some of the highest commissions in the industry, with recurring revenue as well as single sale revenue. With us you can sell bundled packages, single products or subscription packages. Our super fast payment is scheduled every month via Paypal.

Example 1: A publishing house sells 600 subsciption courses to new members at $29/month. For the next 6 to 9 months: It will earn $8700/month while members remain subscirbed. 

Example 2: A small publisher sells 30 courses per month at $99/course: It will earn $1485 for the month. 

Example 3: The list owner of a large email newsletter endorses our course and referrals generate 2000 new membership sign-ups: It will earn $30 000/month as an affiliate.