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Email marketing course for B2B and B2C – an introduction

Based on a highly successful email marketing system used by publishers around the world, a Marketing consultant  shares valuable insights that can be applied in any business. This course is intended as a supplemental resource to help improve email marketing and is best used when integrated with disciplines such as copy-writing, IT automation and customer relationship management (CRM).

Three key sections are covered in this email marketing course:

Firstly, we will learn about 6 types of marketing communication mixes, all which are supported by email:

  • The email newsletter: This is typically used to keep your brand fresh in the mind of your followers.
  • Snapshots or digests: Here we provide our followers with a list of important points, each linking to our publication.
  • Dedicated emails: Here we would promote a specific product, with a sales landing page.
  • Lead nurturing: Here, we keep in touch with our followers by providing them with specific information.
  • Sponsored emails: This is an awesome opportunity to grow our email list. By sponsoring emails sent by other companies, you can divert loads of new traffic to your own website and gather new sign-ups through the opt-in process. The conversion metrics of sponsored emails are usually easy to track and profits easy to measure.
  • Transactional emails These emails are triggered by a specific action on behalf of the customer. For example, if they buy a product directly from you, or sign up to your newsletter, an automated email is sent out. They provide us with the opportunity to automate our customer care and make the customer feel valued.

Secondly, we introduce email automation and list the most popular solutions, including MailChimp, ConstantContact, Aweber and HubSpot. Here we look specifically at how to support a customer by email through the LIFETIME VALUE approach. We also introduce the concept of A/B testing and expand onto A/B/C/D testing as a dynamic concept.

Thirdly, we share campaign implementation tips to ensure a smooth process. This includes list hygiene, lead nurturing throughout the AIDA sales funnel and campaign measurement.

Bonus supplement:

The course includes a supplemental document explaining email marketing terminologies, which is useful for both beginner and advanced users.

Join the email marketing course today, as it could be a key pillar towards growth and support in your business. Useful for B2B and B2C email marketers, IDM and CIM marketing practitioners.

More details about this course will follow soon


September 3, 2015

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