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ios9 Developer courses for free

We are about to release 200 free spaces on the new ios9 developer course. This demonstrates the commitment globalcademy has towards technology learners and entrepreneurs.

You should consider the complete iOS 9 Developer Course in order to pursue excellent career opportunities and to stay at the forefront of development.
Completing the course will enable learners to immediately develop marketable apps that are in demand and to boost your app downloads.

In less than six weeks, you can actually grow your business and differentiate yourself as an engineer by completing the ios9 cetification course.

If you are already experienced in coding, that is even better, since that will enable fast-track participation.

Other news about the ios9 course on the timeline:

  • Kickstarter funding has been discussed in the USA
    • Getting started with Xcode 7 and Swift 2 plus a Swift 2 is included in the new course
    • Advanced iOS features: are now available, including timers, tables, permanent storage, web content, animation, games, maps & geolocation, audio
    • Core data, advanced web content, Json data & webviews
    • Entrepreneurs coaching on how to sell your coding skills to companies around the world
    • A new e-book will be released on Amazon and iTunes, to consolidate the learning outcomes for those unable to watch the training videos.
September 1, 2015

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