Is College Education Worth it?

The truth is that this is not at all an easy question to answer. There are different degrees out there that will basically pay for themselves while others will not. In USA we see many high school graduates that think about whether or not they should consider a large student loan since basically everyone tells them that college is really important. We are faced with a truth that is nuanced. The truth is that so much money can be made by simply learning a good trade, sometimes more than a degree like in art history.

Statistics show that the college graduates between 25 and 32 warn around $17,500 more in average than those that just have high school diplomas. However, this does not mean that all the degrees are going to be useful and will bring in a lot of extra money at the end of the month. Also, the costs that are associated with college education can be really high. As an example, the 4 years residential degree will put the individual behind with around $60,000 per year. Car title loans cannot cover such a debt and proper financial planning will be needed. According to most career planning professionals, it is really important that you think about the individual case so that you can make a really good choice about whether or not you should pursue the college diploma you had in mind.

The Hard Subjects Count The Most

It should come as no surprise that engineering is now a really good bet. Engineering graduates can expect to make around $1.1 million more after twenty years when compared to a person that did not go to college. We can say that even the engineering courses that are not that lucrative will generate a return of close to $500,000 over twenty years.

With arts and humanities everything is varied. An University of California arts degree will pay off at a high rate but one that would come from the Murray State University will not. Statistics show that 46% of the arts degrees will generate a ROI that is worse than just putting money in a Treasury bill investment over 20 years.

The Job Market

This highly influences the relevance of the college diploma that a student can obtain. There are many courses that would offer a diploma that opens the doors to a job that is not that available at the moment because of a really low demand available. It is really important to think about the different outlooks that would appear after college is over. If the degree puts you on a path where it is hard to get a job, the diploma may not even be worth it in the first place.


On the whole, it needs to be acknowledged that in most cases college education is worth it but that is not always the case. It is really easy to make a mistake and choose something that will not help out much in the future. Focus on researching as much as you can about all the opportunities that are currently available. This is basically the only real way to be sure that the choice made will be the right one.


March 22, 2017

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