Marketing for e-book authors explained

Are you a writer who would like to reach a much larger audience? Or perhaps you have written a book and you are not sure what’s next. Are you an entrepreneur interested in getting the hang of digital publishing? Are you a content marketing specialist who needs to learn more about multi-channel mass distribution?

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Whether you would like your book to become the next New York Times Bestseller or you are wondering how to gain unrestricted access to a global community of readers, the reassuring news is that now it’s possible, even for unknown writers, to access a large share of the e-book readers market. But how?

With this comprehensive course on E-book sales coaching for Kindle, iTunes and GooglePlay you will learn all the marketing strategies necessary to start, grow and sell your own successful e-book publishing business.

With internet democratization, the power is shifting from large multi-million dollar publishing companies to smaller FAST MOVING companies that typically earn between $50000 and $100000 per month. This is exactly where this course can take your e-book publishing company.

5 Reasons why this course is the best investment you have ever made:

  1. It is modeled on a proven marketing system which is already making millions for other publishers. We teach you exactly how the Harvard Business Review, MIT and other best selling publications are distributed on the web – and how you can do the same in order to receive a solid income from readers around the world.
  2. You save THOUSANDS in consultancy fees – since you will have access to a specialist marketing consultant, namely your course tutor.
  3. Accelerated and focused learning: You can learn quickly about what works best in the publishing industry.
  4. Templated, ready-made solutions: No need to re-invent the wheel. Start your business immediately after completing the course.
  5. Business support: Use the learners forum to get free business support for your new publishing company.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Which supply chains really matter for your ebooks:

This course debunks myths and disinformation about contracts, teaches you how semi-exclusivity works – and empowers you to become a multi-channel publishing business.

  • The best practical advice to publish on multiple platforms:

Learn how to leverage Amazon Kindle, Google Play and the Apple iStore with specific tactics that work on each platform.

  • To avoid costly mistakes:

There is a tendency among new publishers to miss out on massive segments of the market by signing exclusive deals with Amazon’s KDP Select program subscription. Instead of limiting yourself to only a fraction of the market through exclusivity, this course teaches e-book publishers to seize Maximum Market Share.

  • To leverage the power of outsourcing:

Learn how to make 700% profit on ebooks that other writers create for your publishing company. Work less yourself and hire more people to contribute towards your wealth.

  • To sell your publishing company for a 7 figure deal within 12 months:

An e-book publishing start-up can be sold for as much as $500K. After consulting with several publishers on a successful formula, Adriaan Brits will share valuable tactics that will enable you to sell an e-book company every 12 months to cashed-up investors.

So are you ready to launch your own e-books and that of other writers into a market of 3 billion users across Amazon Kindle, Google Play and the Apple iStore? All you need to do is apply some of the optimal strategies taught in this course to your own e-book publishing business and you will see impressive results.

Join the course today and get on the insider’s track to successful e-book publishing.

The course content in more details:

  • Over 34 lectures and 5 hours of content
  • Create & Design awesome e-book content
  • Write great e-books yourself for multi-channel publication
  • Understand and leverage the value of social proof
  • Learn proven marketing systems that already work for successful publishers
  • Plan and scale your publishing business
  • Adopt a multi-channel approach to target millions of e-book readers globally
  • Outsource to other writers to build your own online empire
  • Identify new mass-marketing opportunities for e-books every month
  • Sell your business to investors within 12 months of starting up

Frequently asked questions:

  • I don’t read ebooks, so why should I publish them?

Well, you are not your audience and the fact that technology is not for you it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world works that way. By not publishing online, you are cutting yourself off a large chunk of the readers market and you are preventing your books from being read more globally. So set your personal feelings about online reading aside, and aim to reach a global audience.

  • Is technology enough to sell a book?

You still need to write a good book and with this course you will learn all the techniques that you need to make your book appealing to readers, from writing tips to editing suggestions all the way down to packaging the book by choosing the right title and designing a great cover.

  • My book is already in print: should I also publish it as an ebook?

Definitely! Based on the latest statistics, it is possible to predict that ebook sales will soon surpass the sales of printed books. This year, ebook sales are estimated to be worth 350m and this is just the beginning of an expanding field. Reading habits are changing fast with new generations of technophiles: by not publishing your book online you would miss out on the new generation of readers!

  • I’m already experienced in publishing books: how would this course benefit me

If you are new to publishing ebooks, you are bound to encountering hassle and expense along your journey. This course will pre-empty the type of challenges and obstacles that you are likely to face and thus will equip you to reaching your target of publishing online more quickly and more efficiently. And since time is money, you will also minimize your expenses because the course teacher will be available as your personal business advisor.

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September 21, 2015

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