Marketing Strategies You Might Be Using In An Inappropriate Way

When it comes to digital marketing there are various mistakes that can appear, usually because the industry is changing. What used to work really well in the past may not be effective anymore. Brand new quality standards may be in place. Even the highly experienced marketers can end up faced with the unwanted situation in which they think something is done as it should be when the reality is that something else should be done. The examples below clearly highlight some mistakes you might be making with your marketing strategies.

Publishing The Same Press Release All Over

Press releases used to work in a great way but with the evolution of Google’s ranking algorithm it became a problem for many marketers. The common approach is to send the same press release to all people. This is not a problem when you contact people that are going to write unique content based on the press release. However, when your press release will simply be published on a website, problems appear with the penalties associated with duplicate content. Successful press releases are becoming an art at the moment. You need to be sure your hard work pays off as you use such a strategy.

Not Focusing On Backlink Authority In SEO

Contrary to popular belief, buying SEO backlinks is still viable but you want to be sure that you focus on the authority that is associated with the links you are going to receive. The bad approach is to just think about traffic or other metrics that are not necessarily vital for SEO optimization. A much better approach is to focus on relevancy. A link that is placed on a site that is highly relevant is a lot more valuable than one that is not, even if the link that is not relevant is placed on a site that has 10 times more traffic than the other one.

Advertising On Facebook Only To Get Page Likes

Facebook advertising is much more evolved now than it used to be. We now have access to numerous opportunities that should be taken into account. A common mistake is to just buy ads in order to increase the number of likes a page has. Remember that it does not really matter how many likes a page has as long as there is no community that surrounds it. You want to focus on community building so this means you should try to find various different ad types that can bring you closer to this. For instance, sometimes it is better to drive traffic to your site instead of getting likes as you may generate direct sales or an addition to your newsletter for repeat customers in the future.


Always be sure that you fully take advantage of all the opportunities that are available for you in digital marketing. Never try to use the same strategies that worked in the past since there is a pretty good possibility that efficiency will be lower than it used to be. In digital marketing the most important thing is to adapt.


October 18, 2017

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