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Adriaan Brits


Oxford UK / Palma Mallorca Spain


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Adriaan Brits is a trusted business adviser in international sales and marketing, with experience in digital publishing, sales training, luxury brands and integrated marketing projects.

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Learn from experts how to generate a serious income online using proven platforms

Get career coaching to become a professional marketer or consultant

Adapt your existing business to benefit from digital revenue streams

Gain intensive knowledge on how to benefit from multi billion dollar ecosystems such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

Spend just a fraction of the price large companies pay for the same advise and learn some really potent marketing concepts: Adriaan Brits provides consultancy to large organizations and start-ups, working with interesting teams of growth-hackers and social media experts. International, Luxury and Digital Marketing are his passions, in which he holds a MSC degree from Oxford. He is a firm believer in continuous development and a dedicated researcher in his field.

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