• If you are like me and you need to create graphic design images for your programs, classes, social campaigns, and advertising, it can get incredibly expensive! This is the method I use to rapidly and easily […]

  • “This class has been great. I completed the class Friday 10/07 night and I’ve had 5 phone calls and about 10 emails since from recruiters. Including a meet and greet mixer with one company.” Izeko Floyd

    I […]

  • There are multiple ways to immigrate to the United States. This course discusses the experience of my clients, The MBA Student Professional Immigrant Model. This method starts with being a MBA student, […]

  • This is a ‘fix it and forget it’ automated marketing system that you can turn on and off. This will be exciting to coaches that are sick of giving away their information for free with blogs and lead mag […]

  • It is estimated that 85% of employers expect job candidates to negotiate salary. The reality is that only 37% to 44% of candidates enter into some type of negotiation. The lack of salary negotiating in your […]

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