New Udemy pricing capped at $50 – what it means for the industry

There was a mixture of joy and upheaval from Udemy instructors over the past 2 weeks due to a new pricing structure. Joy came from those with courses less than 2 hours in length who had a realistic view of the market  and upheaval either from those who produced a 40 hour course, or those who lacked understanding in the commercial sense. I think what Jeremy Boutte described below in his article makes perfect sense and he did well to gather support for this, besides he’s a genius with great insight into digital retailing. Sure, it is still difficult to obtain a one-size-fits-al solution so for now, let’s view this as a scaled response to roll out an improvement.

On a large-scale solution, the best value for money comes from the offer, from both the student and instructors’ perspective, however Udemy addresses a unique need because the platform is more interactive and instrucors can support students a great deal by answering questions. Howerver instructors may not be willing to support students for their “lifetime” – and 3 months support could be deemed sufficient from an instructors’ perspective, which is what brings me to the next point.

Multi-channel is the best answer for instructor marketing:

Colleagues who left all their eggs in one basket would have been most alarmed by rapid policy changes, yet they will see in April that 99% of instructors will be better off due to the new pricing structure. That said, the best option is to go multi-channel, which is why I have made my courses available across 5 different channels, including this one:
The recurring membership option is perhaps the most appealing from a value proposition for both the student and the instructor: It gives the student regualar updates about their industry – and the instructor a loyal base of people to support in-depth research. Incude Udemy & Lynda and make it your starting point – but get more alternatives and build out your portfolio of channels.

March 13, 2016

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