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I love analytics, with various vendor packages ranging from Microsoft Analytics to Google Analytics. However it is recognized that not all stakeholders are proficient with analytics – and that the presentation of the data is really vital, to get people on board with what’s happening in the business. So whether your aim is to make it: “Simple”, “Informative”, “Useful”, “Actionnable” or whatever the case, you need to know how to present the digital marketing data. For this reason, a course was created on the Linkedin / Lynda e-learning platforms and I am really proud to have been the author. Below you can learn more about what we cover in the course:

Core contents:

In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively present digital marketing data from Google Analytics to your stakeholders. To begin, instructor Adriaan Brits goes over the different ways to structure digital marketing reports and points out the most commonly used report components. Next, you’ll learn how to create a video report, locate helpful data sources, and evaluate the structures of digital and conventional reports aimed at different audiences. In addition, you’ll learn how to interpret your data and use hedging words and visualization within Google Analytics to present your data in an impactful way. Finally, Adriaan uses live examples to show you how to tackle each report section: executive summary, introduction, key findings, opportunities and trends, and report recommendations.

Topics include:

  • Structuring reports
  • Presenting analytics data with video recordings
  • Considering different data sources
  • Using hedging words
  • Visualizing data within Google Analytics
  • Writing a compelling executive summary
  • Using Tableau to enrich reports
  • Locating and using competitor industry data
  • Drawing inspiration from others

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New releases:

Bing ads accredited essential training on (taught by Adriaan Brits)

Bing ads accredited essential training on Linkedin learning (taught by Adriaan Brits) 

February 4, 2017

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