9 Month all-access Mindfulness personal development course bundle


In the Mindfulness & Personal development series you can treat yourself to 12 courses with more than 100 hours of HD video courses from popular speakers like Dr. Karen Gurney (known as the 6 figure career coach) and Libby Seery (renowned psychologist).  These women are specialists in their fields and both present a very empowering message that inspires positive change.


Treat yourself or a friend to 10 of the best personal development courses with our 9 month all-access pass.

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You’d love to develop more personaly and professionally – and to experience personal growth. The fact is that not everyone take their challenges into the public on an Oprah Winfrey or Dr. Phil show – in fact 90% of adults prefer to make incrimental or drastic life improvements via self help and specific education. This is precisely where experts like Karen and Libby come in: They have produced individual courses that can be access via Globalcademy on HD video 24/7, in the comfort and privacy of your own home – and at your own pace.

Hanging out with people like Libby Seery and Dr. Gurney is like having an ace up your sleeve – because the information they provide is truely beneficial.


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