Sales and marketing skills ALL E-book authors need

Probably the most advanced coaching course today that E-book publishers and authors can take to increase their sales on Amazon, Kindle, iTunes, Kobo and Google Play.

We all heard of a handful of very normal people who became millionaires in a matter of week, thanks to selling thousands of E-books per hour while they sleep: Amanda Hocking, James Redfield, John Rain and many others. But this requires planning and preparation and is not a matter of luck. The E-book publishing industry is growing worldwide with sufficient scope for more authors to release e-books that can satisfy the demand in various niches. As a marketing consultant for publishers, I am going to share take you behind the scenes now:


Having worked extensively with authors I can state with great certainty, that writing a great book is not always directly related to high e-book sales. In fact there are several people who are very “basic” authors who sell high volumes of e-books, simply because they use smart marketing tactics. It was time to level the playing field by making available perhaps the most advanced coaching course to date.  The program was developed to help publishing entrepreneurs achieve the following outcomes:

• Learn up to date business skills, specific for publishers and authors
• Learn how to face bigger suppliers to achieve a fair deal in the marketplace
• Learn advanced brand building and marketing skills
• Access a full toolkit to establish, grow and sell your business to investors
• Learn how to recruit writers with outsourcing and make 700% profit on the process (if you do not want to do all the writing yourself)

There is off course much more to the program. You should watch a few of our training videos on the link below to see how sophisticated our recipe for success has become:

Read more here about our E-book publishing course, including FULL ADSENSE coaching

If your target is to grow a good publishing business, regardless of your ability to author books, or if you are an author seeking to break into the market, this intensive coaching course will certainly get you there.

Let’s explain why great authors need help in their marketing: Doctors are not always great businessmen – they look after their patients with great care, but struggle to arrange their practice, spread the word etc. The same is often the case with authors: Not every great author is a great publisher, and therefore not all of them will become best-selling authors. So what exactly do people think of the course since it’s release in 2015?

The testimonials of people who joined the course within the first week stated the following:

“I really like the style of setting up your publishing company to maximize all the profit available. Additionally, he gives you all the major niches which saves time and money.” (Jonathan Chapman, UK)

“Great course by Adriaan Brits; didn’t realize just how naive I was when it comes to the big world of PROFITABLE eBook selling and mass-marketing. Very glad I took this course which offers good downloadable content and an insight to how to market your eBook and eventually sell your online business.” (Susan Gast, USA)

The next wave of students, who completed the E-book coaching course which INCLUDES Google AdSense, had the following to say:

“If you want to learn a solid way to make money from home, this course will show you not one or two, but three different ways to do so as a publisher of content. There is actually a fourth method as well but it’s optional. Make no mistake, there is a lot of work involved to get these passive income streams going and Mr. Adriaan is not shy to let you know this. Even though this is the case I am really happy I enrolled in this class because Adriaan Brits doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself once you get started. He is there for you when you need a question answered, and that to me is more important than how well a course is laid out. I wish I had this course a lot sooner. Highly recommended! ” (Wendy Aston, USA)

“Course covers a marketing approach on how to market your specific product to your audience (it does not teach product creation). It gives specific marketing approaches you can choose to earn income with your chosen product. At the end of the course, Adriaan also offers steps you can choose to sell your business to potential investors. He also responds promptly to questions!” (Bob Stawicki, USA)

Clearly, this is one of the best investments you can make right now: A few hundred dollars in order to have a step-by-step program that will enable you to tap into a $15Billion industry is probably unheard of. Take a look at some free sample training videos as well as the full curriculum:

Read more here about our E-book publishing course, including FULL ADSENSE coaching


Want to know more about the evolution of E-book sales coaching? Here is a brief history:
Teaching entrepreneurs how to make the most of the $3Billion E-book market is a challenge several instructors have embarked on. To name just a few: Adriaan Brits, Tom Corson-Knowles, Benjamin Wilson, Chad Tennant, Steve Mc Donald, Rose Suen, Brian Yang / Evergreen, William U. Peña, Rob Cubbon, Bailey Richert, Jason Matthews.
As discussed recently on a forum: The challenge seems that many authors have focussed on “Kindle Publishing”, whereas it is not the only supply chain out there. Adriaan Brits took a unique approach by training authors and publishing entrepreneurs to pursue a multi-channel approach, which perhaps explains why course candidates are so successful in their start-ups: They leverage the entire marketplace and not just one channel. Finally there is a course that teachers authors to act like real publishers – and publishers to act like real business people. To boost E-book sales and to manage the process like a professional business at a growing scale. Remember: Teaching is about delivering a course, but COACHING is about giving and obtaining feedback, which can achieve the desired business and sales outcomes. This is a true coaching course!

Finally, I am pleased to say that following a lot of research, we released probably the most advanced coaching course today that E-book publishers and authors can take to increase their sales on Amazon, Kindle, iTunes, Kobo and Google Play.

September 12, 2015

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