The 5 types of sales people – which one are you?

Today I’d love to share with you an extract from the fundamentals of successful selling. Whether you are a large business, a small business, a sales representative or someone interested in learning about sales, you are exposed to sales everyday of your life. Even when you’re convincing your partner that you are due for a holiday – you’re also selling the idea to them. Sales is the driving force behind any successful business.

Are you looking to grow your business?

Increase profitability?

Understand the dynamics of sales?

Understand the importance of sales in a business?

Know how to be effective as a salesperson?

If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, this course is for you. My name is Adriaan Brits. I am a high performance marketing consultant, and business trainer. I have sold large ticket items like an entire business to investors, but also small ticket items to the masses helped many companies find solutions to their sales requirements. In this course, I am going to teach you the skills and knowledge you will need to be successful in sales.


Together we will explore what sales is and the importance of the sales cycle and funnel for your business. We will then explore the importance of first impressions as the basis of a successful sales pitch. I will walk you through the important factors you will need for your sales presentation to be powerful. Finally, because prospecting and feedback is crucial for your success, we will consider these areas in greater depth.


Before we get started in the details of sales, I would like to introduce you to five types of salespeople. As you read through this, I encourage you to find the type that resonates the most with you and your personality. For you to be successful, you need to know the type of salesperson you are and how you are likely to interact with customers and prospects. Yes, you will adapt your style for something fresh or creative but the more aware you are of your default style the easier it will be for you to interact with your customers and prospects in an authentic and relevant way.

  • Friend – Generally people are inclined to buy from someone they like. Salespeople who take on a friendlier style to their sales will show genuine interest in their prospects and customers. They will take the time to ask questions and explore customer needs and problems. The goal is to connect with the customer on an emotional level. Here you want to be sincere and follow through with your interest in their lives. Customer service goes up a notch. For instance, if the customer you are talking to is a week from getting married, you should send a congratulations card to the newlyweds. This can apply to birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas or New Years.


  • Expert – These salespeople invest time and effort in becoming experts of their company niche, product, and anything else related to their industry. These people are seen as great problem solvers and a handy resource. They generate plenty of referrals and have a less emotional approach preferring to state facts and logic.
  • Hard seller – This is the sales approach that has tainted people’s perceptions and views of sales because of the forceful nature behind it. In this approach the salesperson has no regard for the customer instead they focus purely on generating sales. Although considered to a large extent as unethical, some salespeople still implement this approach.


  • Consultant – This approach is a hybrid of the friend and expert approaches to sales and is highly effective although time consuming. As a consultant, you will take the time to create an emotional connection with your prospect or customer. This will take the form of friendliness, customer care, and asking the right questions to understand customer needs and problems. You will then marry this information with the expertise you have of your product and industry to give your customer the best product or service solution to their needs or problems.


  • Socialite – This approach to sales is dedicated to networking. The salesperson who uses this approach will spend a great deal of time networking with fellow salespeople, customers old and new, co-workers, and friends. They will attend parties and events or set up meeting with new people. This salesperson understands that networking produces a steady stream of leads however they will be required to return favours at some point in time.

Which style or styles best suit you?

While you are thinking about this let’s move on to sales.

October 19, 2017

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