Meet your instructors, thanks for joining us

Meet your instructors, thanks for joining us


Hello and WELCOME to the art of selling to intelligent people. Thanks for joining us here!  I am Adriaan Brits. Together with my colleague Francesca we will now provide you with a brief overview of the course which we developed in collaboration.

You will find 5 major sections. The lessons presented by Francesca will provide you with a solid foundation in the neuroscience of sales and some very useful theory to develop your understanding around the principles of influence.  The lessons I present will be more of a practical nature, to compliment the theory and equip you with tools and tactics that can be used selectively in the sales process.


I’m certain that as a result of what you are about to discover you will see the selling process and the interaction with customers in a completely new light:

We will start off with the section “The psychology of sales” in which traditional sales techniques are compared to a novel approach that envisages the sales transaction as a journey rather than a destination.

In “The Chemistry of Trust” section, you will gain a deeper understanding of the chemical mechanisms underlying the buying process.

Finally, “The neuroscience of buying” will guide you through how decisions are made so as to learn how you can influence the buying brain.


In the section called “Professional sales mindset” you will find at least 7 case studies to provide you with practical solutions to sales challenges. You’re going to learn about BATNA and better negotiating as well as a complete range of advanced sales tools, including application of reverse psychology, customer perceptions of price and quality, the law of scarcity, and how to REALLY create genuine and compelling sales propositions that will delight your customer.

In the last section, called “managing the after sales process”, we will learn more about reputation management and finally, we will learn about buyers’ remorse.


To make sure you REALLY benefit from the course, please watch the entire course. Don’t choose ONE SPECIFIC part of the course to focus on. To be successful, it is BEST to evaluate EACH situation on a case-by-case basis and then CHOOSE the tactic that will be the MOST suitable.

You are invited to use the forum – We are real people just like you, so interact with us and we would be delighted to answer your questions.

Enjoy the course and we look forward to hearing from you.

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